Manchester BIOGEL: Physiologically Relevant 3d Tissue Models

Top 5 BioTech Startups in UK - 2021

Technological advancements have always been at the core of biotech research and development. With the emergence of cutting-edge computing technologies such as machine learning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, companies are able to increase the sheer immensity of their research while also increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process. These technological advancements have helped biotech companies bring new products to market rapidly. Alongside, biotech and its products aimed at the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries have gained immense popularity, given that the coronavirus is still lingering around.

In medicine, the potential to analyse huge data sets benefits drug makers in determining the genesis of an illness. The rise of cloud computing technologies has also eliminated a hurdle for biotech entrepreneurs. In addition, organizations can store and analyse data without having to invest in expensive computer hardware by using cloud-based apps. In response to advancements in computer technologies, such as cloud and AI, numerous companies are developing more biotech-related technologies. As a result, a significant number of biotech startups and entrepreneurs have entered the sector in order to showcase their ideas and contribute to the biotech industry.

On that note, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and other thought leaders from the industry, along with the editorial board of StartupCity, has selected the leading Biotech solution providers looking to offer their expertise to the widest market possible.

In this edition, we present to you StartupCity’s “Top 5 BioTech Startups in UK - 2021.”

    Top BioTech Startups in UK

  • Manchester BIOGEL is a leader in the design and manufacture of 3D synthetic peptide hydrogels that are redefining cell culture for life science

  • As a biopharmaceutical company in clinical development, ReViral focuses on developing and commercialising antiviral drugs, first for the treatment of RSV. The company is developing RV521 (REVIRAL1), a very powerful small-molecule RSV inhibitor that has successfully completed Phase 1 clinical studies and shown significant effectiveness in Phase 2 clinical trials on adult volunteers with the aid of an elite team of scientists at the company. Backed by seasoned professionals with a proven track record in the virology and biopharma sectors, the company is making groundbreaking strides in minimizing RSV fatality rates

  • Iceni Diagnostics

    Iceni Diagnostics

    Iceni Diagnostics is developing a portfolio of in-house programs, as well as engaging in collaborative and contract R&D activities through engagement with the UK Biotech Sector, Government Research Organisations and academia

  • Qkine


    Qkine supports scientists developing and scaling stem cell, organoid and regenerative medicine applications. Its R&D also helps develop technologies to enable emerging fields such as cultured meat and 3D cell culture. Qkine high purity animal-free growth factor proteins are manufactured at its facility in Cambridge, UK. Based on proprietary technology developed in the laboratory of Dr Marko Hyvönen, senior group leader at the University of Cambridge, Qkine manufactures highly pure bioactive recombinant proteins. Along with setting a new benchmark for protein purity, Qkine uses protein engineering techniques to tackle fundamental biological and scalability challenges that are holding back the stem cell and regenerative medicine sector



    TYG oncology is a biotech company that offers novel cancer immunotherapies based on its unique, proprietary and broadly applicable S-TIR™ (Specific Total Immune Remodulation) technology platform