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Top 15 BioTech Startups in UK - 2019

A report by the UK Bio Industry Association (BIA) and Informa Pharmaceutical Intelligence recorded that the UK biotech sector raised £2.2bn from investors in 2018, an 85 percent increase compared to the 2017 figure of £1.2bn and the highest since the BIA’s first report in 2013. The report also highlighted the innovative nature of the biotech start-up sector in the UK and its ability to make use of new technology. The emergence of new business models in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) has proved to be a boon for drug discovery, development, and various other purposes.

The innovation efforts of a number of biotech start-ups across the UK are directly benefitting from the increased investments, resulting in faster and more effective translation of research results into practical applications. These start-ups are developing a wide range of advanced solutions including gene therapies for inherited conditions that affect the immune system, an antiviral drug against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), treatments for disorders of the nervous system, and more. Spin-offs of major universities in the UK are also contributing significantly to the advancement of the biotechnology industry. One such start-up focuses on the development of next-generation CAR-T therapy, aiming to reduce the life-threatening side effects of this kind of treatment by killing cancer cells without affecting the healthy T cells.

As investments in the biotech start-up sector soar, along with various emerging technologies, organizations must focus on selecting the biotech offering that best addresses their business requirements. In this regard, our distinguished panel comprising key decision makers and experts along with StartupCity’s editorial board has shortlisted some of the most promising biotech start-ups in the UK.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising BioTech Startups in UK - 2019.”

    Top BioTech Startups in UK

  • Iceni Diagnostics is focused on the development of carbohydrate-based therapeutics and point-of-care diagnostics for infectious diseases. Capitalising on its expertise in carbohydrate and analytical chemistry, Iceni Diagnostics provides bespoke solutions in glycoscience R&D, nanoparticle technology, and bioconjugation chemistry. Iceni Diagnostics’ in-house programmes leverage collaborative glycoscience R&D, nanoparticle technology, and bioconjugation chemistry to develop novel point-of-care diagnostics for the detection of influenza infection in humans, animals or birds. Beyond infectious diseases, the turnkey solutions from Iceni Diagnostics’ carbohydrates platform hone the capability for targeted vaccination where changes in the sugar content or sugar patterns on cells are associated with different types of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPDs) and cancer


  • 4d pharma plc

    4d pharma plc

    4D Pharma understands and respects the functions of the gut microbiome and its ingenuity. The company researches to find the deserving application of the microbiome in the new class of revolutionary medicine. With the profound realization of the bacterial functionality 4D Pharma has strived to provide a symmetrical justification for bacteria may it be gastrointestinal disease or cancer. The company has concocted unique approaches to target the unattended needs of the body’s biochemistry. 4D pharma with live biotherapeutics has targeted to achieve enhanced quality in health with safer methods of treatments

  • Atla Biomed

    Atla Biomed

    As a Biotech platform, Atlas Biomed is a personalized health company, applying the latest genetic technologies to help the world navigate towards their potential. To achieve the aim, the company has two tests available in the UK: the Atlas DNA Test and the Atlas Microbiome Test. Both tests feed into the Atlas platform, which allows the clients to take control of their health through actionable, personalized recommendations. Atlas Biomed combines DNA and microbiome technologies with digital health data to inspire people into a positive lifestyle change and lead them to a healthier futur

  • Axol Bioscience

    Axol Bioscience

    Axol produces human cell products and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. They have a passion for great science, delivering tremendous support, and innovating future products to help customers advance faster in their research. Their expertise includes reprogramming cells to iPSCs and then differentiating to various cell types. Axol supplies differentiated cells derived from healthy donors and patients of specific disease backgrounds. As a service, Axol also takes cells provided by customers (primary or iPSC) and then do the reprogramming (when necessary) and differentiation. Clearly, by offloading the burden of generating cells, the client’s time is freed up to focus on the research. Axol holds the necessary licenses that are required to do iPSC work

  • CHAIN Biotechnology

    CHAIN Biotechnology

    Chain Biotech being a microbiome therapeutics company possesses the unique engineering capacities to provide a pipeline of therapeutic candidates for solving multiple issues associated with the microbiome in the human gut. The company treats the unmet clinical needs for safer, effective, and affordable treatment across many chronic and debilitating diseases. The company’s brainchild is a drug candidate that targets inflammatory bowel disease and pipeline targets issues concerning infections, metabolism, and the immune system. Chain biotech has focused on producing specific solutions for the betterment of human lives

  • EBS


    A BioTech start-up business based in Scotland, Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd., is focused on the design, development, manufacture, sales, and support of opto-electronic components, instruments and systems for the biosciences and biomedical markets. The company's early products include dynamic wavelength-selectable interference filters and a fluorescence spectrometer designed to detect and determine contamination on surgical instruments. Edinburgh Biosciences Ltd. is actively involved in sharing expertise and knowledge with collaborators and partners. More recently EDB has been involved in creating a display in the Glasgow Science Centre to educate the general public in matters of cataract research

  • Exonate


    Exonate, a biotech platform is an early stage biopharmaceutical company with drug discovery programs in ophthalmology, oncology, and pain. They lead programs focused on developing novel therapies for wet age-related macular degeneration. Exonate develops small molecule drugs that modulate alternative mRNA splicing to address diseases of high unmet medical need. Alternative mRNA splicing is modulated in disease states resulting in pathological blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), a key driver of disease progression in some ophthalmic conditions and cancers. Exonate’s management has cross-disciplinary experience in medicine, finance, drug development, and the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

  • f2g


    F2G is a UK- and Austria-based BioTech company (F2G Ltd and F2G Biotech GmbH) focused on the discovery and development of novel therapies to treat life-threatening invasive fungal infections. F2G has discovered and developed a completely new class of antifungal agents called the orotomides. The orotomides target dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH), a key enzyme in the de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway. This is a completely different mechanism from that of the currently marketed antifungal agents and gives the orotomides fungicidal activity against a broad range of rare and resistant fungal mould infections

  • Immodulon


    Immodulon is an immune-oncology company primarily focused on the development of novel, safe, effective, and potentially valuable treatments for cancer. Their IMM-101 based immunotherapy complements other cancer therapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors and chemotherapy. They are currently developing treatments for advanced melanoma, skin cancer, and for advanced pancreatic cancer. Immodulon has a Board of Directors with senior level, wide-ranging experience in the pharmaceutical, financial and business sectors, an Executive Team with a proven track record of delivery and a Scientific Advisory Board comprising internationally recognized leaders in immunology, oncology, and clinical practice

  • Lancor Scientific

    Lancor Scientific

    Lancor Scientific is a BioTech firm that is developing a Blockchain-based cancer screening platform to 'Find Cancer Early'. It is bringing a patented technology, based on Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy (OMIS), to market through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch. This uses light to detect cancer at the molecular level and can identify pre-cancer in less than thirty seconds. Using its sister company Tumour Trace's CE marked multi-cancer detection devices, combined with the Lancor Cancer Screening Platform, it can quickly make cancer screening available for everyone everywhere cheaper than any other test

  • ONI


    Oni is a company by the scientists catering to the scientists’ needs with the Nanoimager. The Nanoimager is super resolution Microscopy and confocal microscopy which equips the scientists with infinite possibilities by integrated analytics, laser backlight, and advanced understanding with four different fluorophores reading at once. Oni’s Nanoimager has earned its place in all labs which it has run in imparting efficient viewing with its panoramic view and space compatible size. The Nanoimager celebrates those objects that cannot be seen in bare eyes, and assists scientists create breakthroughs every day

  • PetMedix


    PetMedix is a development stage veterinary BioTech company, which uses the highest quality science to provide therapies to pets, keeping them healthier, happier, and for longer. PetMedix is taking the experience of its founding team, and decades of human clinical research, to build platforms that generate fully species-specific, naturally-generated therapeutic antibodies. These platforms have been designed to generate a repertoire of antibodies as diverse as the companion animal immune systems on which they are based. These platforms can then be used to develop a broad pipeline of its own veterinary medicines to target under-served clinical areas that represent excellent market opportunities

  • Prokarium


    Prokarium is a venture-backed biotech company with programs focused on global health and innovations including vaccines against entering fever, Chlamydia trachomatis, and Yersinia pestis, the latter being developed with the UK government. The synthetic biology platform, which has been safely tested in 10 clinical trials in 351 volunteers, is also being evaluated as microbial immunotherapy targeting technology for solid tumors. Using expertise in engineering biology and immunology, Prokarium uses the platform to prevent infectious diseases (Vaxonella) and to treat solid tumors (Onconella). They are also always on the lookout to connect with ambitious scientists and advisors within Synthetic Biology/Molecular Biology and Immunology & Oncology

  • Rexgenero


    Rexgenero, founded in 2015, is a leading regenerative medicine company that develops therapies for serious diseases with unmet medical needs like CLI, vascular, neurological and other disorders. It conducts clinical trials, thereby developing advanced cell-based therapies to address poorly treated diseases. Their products REX-001, REX-002 and REX-003 can treat patients who cannot undergo conventional revascularization in their lower limbs. The clinical trials conducted by Rexgenero are are fully endorsed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), proving it to be sufficient for marketing authorization. Ultimately, Rexgenero provides a substantial quality of life benefit to patients while significantly reducing the healthcare cost

  • Videregen


    A leader in the restoration of tissue function, Videregen is a clinical stage company with an initial focus on airway diseases. It uses its proprietary tissue processing technology to develop high-quality standardized tissue restoration products which it brings to market in countries across the world. The technology has potential across multiple disease areas and will be leveraged to develop a broad portfolio of products in areas of unmet medical need. Privately funded, the company has collaborated with centers of excellence across the UK and Europe to drive product development