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Top 15 BioTech Startups In Europe - 2019

As new technologies emerge, numerous biotech startups are launched across Europe every year. With specialised venture capital firms and technology companies pouring money into the sector, biotech startups now attract a record amount of investment. Most of these investments focus on predicting which drugs will work and be safe for humans, well before the testing process begins. In the case of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, current animal models do not ensure effective evaluation of whether a drug will work in humans. But with today’s biotech offerings in the market, scientists are able to convert any human cell into a stem cell to create custom’ disease in a dish’ models for enhanced predictability.

By leveraging modern technologies, biotech startups have also significantly reduced the expenditure of reading the entire sequence of a person’s genome. With cost-effective genome sequencing, researchers are now able to screen the DNA of patients to find genetic biomarkers and in turn, select the most suitable treatment for a person based on their genetics. Building on this trend, technologies such as organoids, organs-on-chips, and 3D bioprinting are helping mimic the real behaviour of human tissues in the lab, thus improving the entire testing process.

As biotech startups continue to evolve by embracing new technologies, organisations must opt for solutions and services most relevant to their business requirements. To assist them with the same, our distinguished panel comprising key decision makers and experts along with StartupCity’s editorial board has shortlisted some of the most promising biotech startups in Europe.

We present to you StartupCity’s “15 Most Promising BioTech Startups in Europe - 2019.”

    Top BioTech Startups In Europe

  • 4HF Biotec GmbH was founded in June 2015 by Prof. Dr. H.H. Fiebig. The company specializes in bioinformatics and data analytics for discovery of innovative therapies to treat cancers. For research, the company has built unique proprietary databases and setup a dedicated platform to interrogate cancers throughout their huge diversities. 4HF Biotec’s team includes experts in medical oncology, anticancer drug evaluation, genomics and bioinformatics with their work focused on three main axes including the discovery of new druggable targets, the identification of companion diagnostics, and the evaluation of novel anticancer drugs


  • As a Biotech platform, Biohope is a commercial stage biomedical company focuses on the R&D, IP protection, and regulatory clearance of PRECISION MEDICINE IVD tools, for chronic inflammatory conditions. The company has developed an IVD kit called Immunobiogram to personalize drug treatment for patients with a renal transplant and rheumatoid arthritis. Immunobiogram has shown positive results in their Clinical Trials, and it is ready to go to the market in 2020 through partners and licensees around the world. Biohope is a large company that focuses strongly on core activities to achieve business and financial milestones


  • The BioMed X Innovation Center is an exciting new collaboration model at the interface between academia and industry. At the center of this program are distinguished early career scientists who have been recruited from all over the world to jointly work on novel pre-clinical research projects in the fields of biomedicine, molecular biology, cell biology, diagnostics and consumer care. These interdisciplinary project teams conduct groundbreaking biomedical research in an open innovation lab facility on the campus of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The young talents are working under the guidance of experienced mentors from academia and industry while expanding their scientific network and receiving entrepreneurship and leadership training


  • Sweden-based promised bio-tech startup Carbiotix brings to the table, a two-pronged value proposition involving low-cost gut health testing services and development of novel microbiome therapeutics—microbiome modulators based on propriety fibers, isolated strains, and novel delivery mechanisms. The company democratizes gut-health test for as low as USD 29 per month (which is less than half the price of any other gut test offering) thereby making it easy to track gut health over time. Carbiotix’s key differentiator derives from a superior second-generation soluble fiber (AXOS), isolated strains from real life studies, and novel delivery mechanisms that allow them to optimize an individual’s microbiome metabolic profile


  • Develops the next generation of 3D cell culture systems to provide life science researchers with more realistic in-vitro models, for more relevant data and successful research. The product line for 3D cell culture of Cellevates, the 3D NanoMatrix™, replaces cell culture on a two-dimensional surface such as the petri dish, by researching and developing unique technology for production of a type of nanofibrous, non-woven material


  • A biotech startup that develops CRISPR-enabling platform technologies and applying these in breeding projects for genetic crop optimization towards improving yields, disease resistance and nutritional value. Since its inception in 2015, HRB has been working with some of the world’s leading seed companies (e.g. Syngenta, BASF Vegetable Seeds), smaller specialty crop producers and other biotech companies to improve crops. Having mastered the application of CRISPR technology, HRB aids companies in improving yields, reducing chemical use, and increasing natural disease resistance and nutritional value, serving as a technology partner to its clients


  • Lactobio is a probiotic and microbiome enterprise developing cosmeceuticals, dietary supplements, and live biotherapeutic products. The company has built a proprietary discovery and screening platform that identify the best probiotic strains to target microbiome dysfunctions associated with specific diseases. Lactobio focuses on the creation of new microbial solutions based on probiotics and works with the gut, oral, skin, and vaginal microbiota to create new products targeted to specific needs. Lactobio is dedicated to the development of innovative microbial products and concepts to fight bacterial infections, including multi-resistant bacteria.


  • LipoCoat is a biotech start-up that engineers and manufactures bio-inspired coatings to improve the comfort, safety, and performance of medical devices such as contact lenses, catheters, and implants. Founded in 2016, LipoCoat is a spin-off from the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology at the University of Twente. The company develops high-performance biocompatible coatings by mimicking the lipid bilayer of the natural cell membrane along with retaining its dynamicity. The coating can self-repair in case small defects like scratches expose the medical device to the biological environment, with molecules reorganising themselves to fill in the gaps


  • Oblique Therapeutics a curiosity-driven, innovative biotech company, follows an approach to generate meaningful novel antibody therapeutics for the benefit of patients. With its proprietary Abiprot technology, the company is developing antibodies against difficult-to-drug targets such as ion channels and certain G-protein-coupled receptors (GPRs) that can translate into new effective treatment options for large groups of patients in need of new medicines


  • TILT Biotherapeutics Ltd is the leading global biotech company working in the area of tumour T-cell immunotherapy and empowering the European biotech market with clinical trials scheduled this year. The company’s patented product, TILT-123 utilises proprietary oncolytic viruses for improving tumour T-cell therapy. Initial embodiments of the technology can enhance tumour infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL), chimeric antigen receptor (CAR-T) and checkpoint inhibiting antibody therapy. TILT-123 can be universally used in all solid tumours and can be administered by both intravenous and intratumoural routes, making it applicable for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers


  • AURUM Biosciences

    AURUM Biosciences

    Aurum Biosciences Ltd is a BioTech organisation developing novel oxygen carriers and proprietary software for use with MRI, initially for Acute Ischaemic Stroke (AIS). Follow-on indications include heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, and dementia. Aurum is currently taking a stroke management product (GOLD) through preclinical development and into clinical studies of efficacy and safety. Aurum develops novel pharmaceuticals for use in a number of different clinical indications of high unmet medical need. Aurum is currently completing preclinical development of ABL101, its lead stroke management product, and envisages initiating clinical studies of efficacy and safety in the near future.

  • Eligo Bioscience

    Eligo Bioscience

    Eligo deals with the complex growing microbiology in the human body. The company recognizes the myriad connections between the tens of trillions of bacteria inhabiting in the system to create numerous severe diseases. Eligo is targeting just that by innovating pathways to intervene with a new class of selectively developed biotherapeutic agents. With its attention focused on developing eligobiotics for the unattended medical needs, which needs immediate treatment. The team is equipped with highly qualified professionals, scientists, genome architects who will transform the microbiome language into the real-world with products that enhance human and animal health.

  • Enpicom


    Enpicom is an expanding biomedical software development company. They use computational biology to build solutions that truly matter and improve people’s lives and health. The enterprise was initially set up in 2015 to create tailored computational solutions for life science and incorporated in 2017. Enpicom aims at bringing innovative products supporting the development, guidance, and monitoring of immunotherapies to the market. Their first product under development is a T-cell receptor and B-cell receptor repertoire analysis platform

  • ImmunOs Therapeutics

    ImmunOs Therapeutics

    Immunos Therapeutics are innovating the next generation of Immunotherapies powered by fast-tracking discoveries for enhancing collaborations among therapies with novel human immunomodulatory proteins. Immunos works with the existing novel proteins to treat both innate and adaptive immune systems for cancer treatment. The company has laid the platform for the next generation of immunotherapies for cancer by developing new methods of treatment. Immunos therapeutics’ method not only has anti-tumor effects but can remodel the microenvironment of the tumor to enhance the patient’s lives by enabling a better response to treatment.

  • TC BioPharm Limited

    TC BioPharm Limited

    Mission is to develop and commercialise innovative cell-based products to treat disease, improving patient health and Quality of Life